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WY-460A Book Stacker
  • WY-460A Book Stacker
WY-460A Book Stacker

【Series】:Book binding machine

            WY-460A 堆积机 该设备采用触摸屏控制,操作简单,稳定性强,且有独立的电器系统控制,无需与连接机器共电;和胶装龙以及骑订龙连接,能够大大减少收书人工及降低劳动强度。

            WY-460A Book stacker   It adopts touch screen control, can make operate more easy and high efficiency. And it has own electrical system, no need electricity from connected machine. It can greatly reduce the stacker labor and working intensity when connected with online hardcover machine or online book stitching machine.

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